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VFP Ink Technologies is focused on providing superior products to better serve the needs of consumers. Therefore R&D and innovations are integral to our core activity.

Our chemical engineers work tirelessly to find the best solutions for printers, industrialists and end-users alike.  We want to meet new expectations from consumers, direct and indirect clients as well as printers.

Our ranges are always improved to offer perfect technical qualities. And our approach aims to help our clients make the transition and substitution from certain products, to more environmentally friendly ones.

Screen Printing Ink Expert

VFP Ink Technologies is an international reference in screen printing. Our inks and varnishes are specifically designed to be used in flat bed and rotary screen printing machines.
With our long history, we offer expertise and know-how. VFP Ink Technologies is specialized in making the best possible inks and varnishes to secure long term relationships with our partners and customers. Our technical service is available to offer tailor-made products and to always help finding better ways to print. Our advice also includes technical data for printing details (mesh, squeegee, capillary films, etc). As a screen printer and manufacturer of inks and varnishes, we can respond to your every need.
Our quality and skills are recognized worldwide in screen printing as a consumable provider and as a chemical enterprise.

Rotary Screen Ink

Method frequently used for the printing of labels to increase production rates. Rotary screen printing requires an ink with a lower viscosity than with flat screen printing.
VFP Ink Technologies offers two opaque whites dedicated to rotary screen printing  (one of which allows better overprinting in offset and flexography) as well as the UV RELR relief varnish.
It is possible to use our UVRELCOL varnish as a tinting base to achieve tinted relief varnishes and doming effects.
This method also allows the use of metallic tones with a dedicated stencil.

Discover our last innovations

Conductive ink compatible with structural electronics applications

Know more about European Elippse project: ELIPPSE - Printed electronics for overmoulded plastic parts

Discover our Printed Electronics ranges

Our ranges are made with conductive silver particles. Our dielectric varnishes are compatible with our Silver Electron inks. Try Flexible Electronics with our products.

Discover our NEW generation RANGES non CMR

To improve working conditions, reduce health risks for printers, reduce impact on environment. Contact us to know more.

Let’s test our innovative solutions and products

We develop on demand tailor-made inks and varnishes. We improve them together by testing directly on your site with your machines and your usual way of working. Our high expertise, specific know-how in screen printing and major investment in R&D has been serving VFP Ink Technologies customers for 25 years. Innovation is the key of our development

Discover somes of our other various technologies

Opaque White

Having an intense color with a lasting quality is expected by many customers. VFP Ink Technologies delivered just that and developed an extra opaque long lasting white color that comes in several ranges.

A leader in opaque white ink, VFP Ink Technologies offers a high opacity white ink dedicated for plastic (PVC laminated cards), labels, industrial and graphic printing.

Save time and increase your productivity with our high technology opaque white colors that eliminate the need for extra coats. A great opaque white is essential for overprinting in offset and maintaining high quality standards.

Glossy Finish Label

Labels are an informative and an effective marketing tool that plays a key role in enhancing brands and products. Each and every detail of a label has to be designed with great care. Innovation and distinction make a label stand out but equally essential is its finish.

VFP Ink Technologies offers a wide range of inks which provide glossiness and protection specifically made for labels. Always exploring new technologies to respond to its customer’s needs, VFP Ink Technologies created the UVILABEL range to offer an easy to use and performant product for both professional and Industrial printing.

UVILABEL is a high gloss UV ink, up to 95% (according to ISO 2813), that is dedicated to the label market for rotary and flatbed screen printing machines. 

UVILABEL offers a high chemical resistance to protect the colors and design of labels. It is the perfect finish ink for labels in cosmetics, beverages, industrial packaging and every other application which requires a glossy finish aspect.

UV technology avoids VOC and therefore has no impact on the environment and the health of operators.

Mat Finish Label

Labels are an informative and an effective marketing tool that plays a key role in enhancing brands and products. Each and every detail of a label has to be designed with great care. Innovation and distinction make a label stand out but equally essential is its finish.

VFP Ink Technologies offers a wide range of inks which provide several finishes. LABELMAT has been specifically designed for labels with a matte finish. Mostly used in the wine and luxury goods sectors, LABELMAT combines high contrast, finesse and elegance to every label designed with flatbed screen printing machines.

LABELMAT is a matte UV ink (10% in glossy scale according to ISO 2813). It can also be mixed with the UVILABEL range to obtain a satin luster finish while offering a strong scratch resistance.

UV technology avoids VOC and therefore has no impact on the environment and the health of operators.

Soft Touch Varnish

Printing a soft touch varnish on labels, packaging, cards or any other products is one of the special effects that adds value to the final product. Soft touch varnish is not only a great tool for emotional marketing but also a way of distinguishing a brand or a product from the competition. Adding soft touch varnish on Champagne, wine labels or luxury packaging personalises and underlines a brand while enhancing the consumer experience.

VFP Ink Technologies developed a UV Water based varnish with soft touch effect for flatbed screen printing machines.

Major advantages are matte effect, scratch resistance and anti finger marks. It also allows hot stamping and overprinting. UV water based Soft Touch varnish offers many opportunities to get great special effects.

I want to know more about varnishes (click and scroll the page to find UV SOFT TOUCH VARNISH and other varnishes like Braille & relief varnish)

Braille and relief varnish


Touch sensitive varnish allows a brand to enhance specific information on their products.

With its different uses, braille and relief varnishes give endless possibilities and provide a   fantastic tool for designers and printers to let their inspiration flow. You just have to think about what brand image you want to project or how you want your product to look and the braille and relief varnishes will make your product stand out above the crowd. For example, adding a braille varnish on the label of a product not only intensifies the tactile experience but also targets the detail you want to underline. It offers elegance and a wonderful glossy effect.

VFP Ink Technologies manufactures braille and relief UV decorative varnishes for flatbed and rotary screen printing machines. (UVRELEX, UVRELR).

A breakthrough product, UVRELCOL, from VFP Ink Technologies offers another efficient option to color and make relief simultaneously. UVRELCOL comes in 11 basic colors (orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, green, violet, cyan, red, carmin, pink, black). Metallic colors are also available.

Time saving, better precision and improved quality make UVRELCOL the perfect product for braille and relief printing.

Metallic Ink

Special effects in screen printing and in various ink applications are some of the secrets to add comparative advantages to final products. VFP Ink Technologies provides a wide range of metallic inks (gold, silver, bronze) in UV and in UV water based technology. Our inks are specifically designed to get the best simulation of metal colors with small shiny flakes. Metallic inks and special effects are usually printed on bank or plastic cards but are also frequently applied on luxury labels and luxury packaging. To get a comparative advantage  in Industrial printing or in graphic printing, designers have the option to integrate special effects like metallic inks in their creations.

VFP Ink Technologies is a pioneer at creating two special effects with one product. With our range of UVRELCOL varnishes, it is now possible to print a metallic colour (gold, silver) and make relief simultaneously. This cutting edge technique not only makes a product unique but is more efficient.