Labels are a part of each product and enhance the product value itself. They give useful information to customers and play a key role in purchasing decisions. Well crafted and effective label designs are essential to make them memorable and to better product promotion. Ink for labels has to offer durability, flexibility, scratch resistance and a wide range of special and tactile effects.

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Latest innovations in the Intelligent Labelling field: SM’ART Label

Thanks to the precise technology of printed electronics, VFP Ink Technologies’ smart labels now integrate flexible printed electronic circuits that open the door to an array of new possibilities.

Innovations for the consumer: who will be able to interact with the product before opening or purchasing it and engage with its label to be better informed about the article.

An opportunity for brands: to create a fun user experience and reinforce its clients’ interest and affinity.

Thanks to ultra thin and flexible electronic circuits printed on the label’s substrate and especially designed to fit the product shape, electronics come to life inside the label. This technology can then be tailored to all shapes and types of packaging.
Also, the integration of electronic circuits allows to inserts different sensors and electronics component: temperature sensor, moisture sensor, gyroscope sensor, capacitive, NFC, LED, sound, etc.

With only one screen printing process you can add several sensors and components. 

We become experts with that new technology: Printed Electronics + graphic inks & varnishes = screen printing final label


High glossy UV ink up to 95% according to ISO 2813, mainly dedicated to cosmetic market for rotary and flatbed screen printing machines.

  • High opacity white
  • Can be mixed with LABELMAT range
  • High chemical resistance

    Datasheet: UVILABEL
Label - VFP Ink Technologies


Mat finish aspect for wine & luxury products for flatbed screen printing machines.

  • Up to 10% glossy scale according to ISO 2813
  • Can be mixed with UVILABEL range
  • Scratch resistant

    Datasheet: LABELMAT II


Braille & relief decorative UV varnish for flatbed screen printing machines.

  • Relief varnish thickness up to 300µ
  • High flexibility
  • Fast curing varnish

    Datasheet: UVRELEX
Labels - VFP Ink Technologies


Braille & relief UV decorative varnish for rotary screen printing machines.

  • High flexibility
  • Fast curing varnish
  • Non yellowing

    Datasheet: UVRELR


Innovative product to colour and make relief simultaneously, for flatbed screen printing machines.

  • Time saving
  • Available in 11 Basic Colors and Gold, Silver
  • Printing registration improved

    Datasheet: UVRELCOL


UV Water based varnish with soft touch effect for flatbed screen printing machines.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Accept hot stamping
  • Avoid finger marks

    Datasheet: SOFT TOUCH


UV ink metallic ink mono component, ready to use for flatbed screen printing machines