Our High Quality Products

Inks and varnishes offer a wide panel of shades and creative options, as well as playing an invisible key role in smart materials as a functional component.

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Functional Inks-varnishes

Among various functions, our inks and varnishes enable:

  • to block infrared light: with our transparent IR blocking inks,
  • to conduct electricity and give conductive properties to substrates: our conductive inksprinted electronics range,
  • to limit the proliferation of bacteria: our transparent & multi-support antibacterial varnish VFProtect.

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Decorative Inks-varnishes

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Our decorative inks and varnishes ranges offer various colors, and effects:

  • opacity,
  • glossy,
  • matte aspect,
  • relief,
  • shiny flakes,
  • metallic shades
  • touch effect

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