Research and Development

VFP Ink Technologies is focused on providing superior products to better serve the needs of consumers. This is why R&D and innovation are integral to our core activity.

Our chemical engineers work tirelessly to find the best solutions for printers, industrialists and end-users alike.

Innovation and synergies in a worldwide market

Innovation starts with a strong understanding of the consumers and their needs. It is all about connecting “what do they need” with “what’s the best our ink can offer”.

To achieve this, we rely on our strong expertise in various printing processes and fields of application to develop synergies across our 5 different areas of business.

With our worldwide reach, we also have a solid understanding of international markets. Being at the forefront of ink technology requires developing synergies through partnerships with major actors worldwide.

The power of ideas and experiment

Our goal is to find the most effective and safest components to formulate our inks by exploring various chemistry combinations. A significant part of our ink manufacturing is to deliver multi-faceted and multi-function inks.

research and development

Technology and R&D are the DNA of our products.

We manufacture innovative and high tech products dedicated to the screen printing market. Our pioneering solutions like UVICARD or AQUACARD for PVC Laminated Plastic are now well established and highly recognized.

One of our leading technologies is a water based UV ink that offers a new way of printing.

We put innovation at the top of our priorities and each year develop products to offer new solutions to better answer our customers’ needs.

Having secured a solid reputation as a designer and manufacturer of industrial inks, we always try to stay one step ahead and have for several years integrated inks for printed functionality (e.g. conductive inks) to our extensive range of products.