In the context of the current situation and given the concerns regarding the Coronavirus outbreak – COVID 19, we would like to inform you that VFP Ink Technologies has been working hard for several weeks to take all the necessary precautionary and anticipatory measures to secure its employees and supply chain in order to meet all your expectations.
We have as a result restricted our collaborators’ travels and implemented preventive measures to firstly ensure the health and safety of our staff and of their contacts in your companies, and secondly, to ensure the delivery of our products. 
We therefore wanted to assure you that all measures of prudence and prevention have already been implemented at our multiple production sites to ensure that your business will not be affected. We  have sufficient quantities of raw materials to meet your future and current orders and are working with our trusted partners in order to deliver efficiently.
We have therefore taken all possible measures in oder to pursue our inks, varnishes and screens production in all of our ranges and to deliver them within the usual timeframe.
VFP Ink Technologies follows the evolution of the situation in France and worldwide with the greatest attention and implements French and local institutional sanitary health measures as well as recommendations from the World Health Organisation.
All our staff including your usual contacts, with the support of the head office, are fully available to answer your questions and respond to your specific requests.
Thanking you for your continued support and trust.
Take special care of you and your relatives.