Metallic Ink


Special effects in screen printing and in various ink applications are some of the secrets to add comparative advantages to final products. VFP Ink Technologies provides a wide range of metallic inks (gold, silver, bronze) in UV and in UV water based technology. Our inks are specifically designed to get the best simulation of metal colors with small shiny flakes. Metallic inks and special effects are usually printed on bank or plastic cards but are also frequently applied on luxury labels and luxury packaging. To get a comparative advantage  in Industrial printing or in graphic printing, designers have the option to integrate special effects like metallic inks in their creations.

VFP Ink Technologies is a pioneer at creating two special effects with one product. With our range of UVRELCOL varnishes, it is now possible to print a metallic colour (gold, silver) and make relief simultaneously. This cutting edge technique not only makes a product unique but is more efficient.