Glossy Finish Label


Labels are an informative and an effective marketing tool that plays a key role in enhancing brands and products. Each and every detail of a label has to be designed with great care. Innovation and distinction make a label stand out but equally essential is its finish.

VFP Ink Technologies offers a wide range of inks which provide glossiness and protection specifically made for labels. Always exploring new technologies to respond to its customer’s needs, VFP Ink Technologies created the UVILABEL range to offer an easy to use and performant product for both professional and Industrial printing.

UVILABEL is a high gloss UV ink, up to 95% (according to ISO 2813), that is dedicated to the label market for rotary and flatbed screen printing machines. 

UVILABEL offers a high chemical resistance to protect the colors and design of labels. It is the perfect finish ink for labels in cosmetics, beverages, industrial packaging and every other application which requires a glossy finish aspect.

UV technology avoids VOC and therefore has no impact on the environment and the health of operators.