Braille and relief varnish


Touch sensitive varnish allows a brand to enhance specific information on their products.

With its different uses, braille and relief varnishes give endless possibilities and provide a   fantastic tool for designers and printers to let their inspiration flow. You just have to think about what brand image you want to project or how you want your product to look and the braille and relief varnishes will make your product stand out above the crowd. For example, adding a braille varnish on the label of a product not only intensifies the tactile experience but also targets the detail you want to underline. It offers elegance and a wonderful glossy effect.

VFP Ink Technologies manufactures braille and relief UV decorative varnishes for flatbed and rotary screen printing machines. (UVRELEX, UVRELR).

A breakthrough product, UVRELCOL, from VFP Ink Technologies offers another efficient option to color and make relief simultaneously. UVRELCOL comes in 11 basic colors (orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, green, violet, cyan, red, carmin, pink, black). Metallic colors are also available.

Time saving, better precision and improved quality make UVRELCOL the perfect product for braille and relief printing.