IR Blocker Our IR BlOCKING inks absorb the infrared wavelength (860 – 950 nm) while retaining the integrity of the payment card. It meets the ISO/IEC 7810 standard due to its physical characteristics of density. Datasheet: IR BLOCKING FAST DELIVERY STABILITY: 6 MONTHS SHELF LIFE EASY TO PRINT COST EFFICIENCY IR BLOCKING INK STRONGLY ABSORB […]


FLEXIBLE PRINTED ELECTRONICS High expertise, specific know-how in screen printing and major investment in R&D has been serving VFP Ink Technologies customers for 25 years. Innovation is the key of our development with flexible printed electronics solutions to be easily integrated to all production and industrial processes.Our company offers a wide range of functional products including […]


VFProtect VFPROTECT is a transparent antibacterial varnish that permanently limits the proliferation of bacteria and also the SARS COV-2 responsible for Covid-19, and does not affect color and opacity when applied by screen-printing on non-porous substrates. Click to the links to download the brochure VFProtect Transparent & multi-support antibacterial varnish REDUCES THE PROLIFERATION OF BACTERIA AND SARS-CoV-2 Advantages Durable antimicrobial […]