PVC Laminated Cards - VFP Ink Technologies

PVC Laminated Cards Gift, loyalty and bank cards represent the biggest part of the PVC laminated cards market and many of them are inserted into everyone’s wallets. This piece of plastic material is not only recognised for the services it provides, but also for its marketing and brand representation functions. These cards offer so many […]


Labels - VFP Ink Technologies

LABELS Labels are a part of each product and enhance the product value itself. They give useful information to customers and play a key role in purchasing decisions. Well crafted and effective label designs are essential to make them memorable and to better product promotion. Ink for labels has to offer durability, flexibility, scratch resistance […]


Industrial Printing - VFP Ink Technologies

INDUSTRIAL PRINTING Inks and varnishes for the industrial market have to offer many qualities to enhance the product and improve productivity. Resistance, fast printing and drying process, multipurpose and stability are some of the main qualities which can make a real difference in production run. With its unique expertise, VFP Ink Technologies offers a wide […]


GRAPHIC PRINTING To enhance the visual of products and brands is also one of our missions. VFP Ink Technologies provides graphic printing for a wide range of promotional material like POP (POS), banners, displays, posters, stickers, all for indoor and outdoor applications. Click to the links to download the datasheets: UVISOFT – SCRATCHABLE INKS –  UV103 WHITE –  PLUTON V2 –  NF […]