ICMA Expo 2016: we were there !

VFP Ink Technologies with American distributor Nazdar attended the event. Our special products dedicated to PVC Laminated cards and bank cards: UVICARD, AQUACARD and IR BLOCKING Ink, were presented.

ICMA Expo is always a major card event to show off our innovations and new products. It’s one of the industry’s card production focused event in North America with great opportunities, new equipment to discover and efficient process to discuss. Exhibit with our partner Nazdar develop our capacities to offer a wide range of products and solutions in screen printing to American market and customers.

VFP Ink Technologies has been supporting ICMA for several years. At ICMA Expo 2016, our company was the official Sponsor of Lanyards. We believe supporting ICMA is a great opportunity to improve solutions we offer to the customers.

ICMA Expo 2016 (April 4-7)

Orlando, Florida, USA

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