High-tech inks for the automotive of tomorrow

Our General Manager, Arnaud Maquinghen, explains why  Printed Electronics and conductive inks are the future of the automotive industry: “We are at a stage where electronics is everywhere and has become the crux of the automotive industry. It is electronics that now shapes major developments.”

That new technology offers numerous advantages: “We propose a new way to integrate electronics with an additive and not subtractive method. By removing and replacing the electronic board and all its connections with circuit printed directly on the key parts of the vehicle, it will be possible to reduce the overall weight and to design new shapes, for example some rounded elements incorporating electronics on their surface.”

He added: “Our solution offers the possibility to superimpose many circuits isolated by a specific varnish. We also have the capability to print extremely thin electronic circuits onto highly complex 2.5D and 3D surfaces. Conductive ink is an answer to multiply flexible sensors (more flexible, thinner, smaller), it also allows to double the number of sensors on the same given area”

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